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 How Supporting Heritage Adds Practical Value to Residents 


 Some Broad De Rust Scenarios  

“The Good & The Bad” 


“Scenarios are a way of considering future possibilities which depend on certain actions being taken by a community, organization or country.” 

In considering the key role “Heritage” can play in De Rust by providing a “High Road Scenario” the downside of “not doing anything” can equally result in the opposite being the “Low Road” situation. 


The High Road 

In considering a scenario looking at the “High Road” the following points are worth considering: 

High Employment both in the Village and Surrounding Farms 

Low Crime Rate 

Real Business Opportunities in the Tourism and Related Sectors - particularly Eco-tourism

Well preserved “Heritage” and other properties 

Excellent Village Services including adjoining Blomnek 

Major Upgrading of Blomnek to Accommodate Local Growth 

Few Vacant Stands Available in the Village 


The Low Road 

Alternatively, a “Low Road” scenario could possibly look as follows: 

High Unemployment 

High Crime Rate 

Lack of Real Business Opportunities  

Derelict properties with Squatters 

Lack of Services 

Spread of the Informal Settlement in Blomnek to the Koppie/Village 

Land Invasions of Vacant Stands in the Village 



In considering the two options set out above there is little doubt what the majority of residents would prefer. There is a “Third Option” of sitting and waiting and doing very nothing. However, this is not really an alternative option as it will only result in a slightly better “Lower Road” alternative.