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Minutes of Meetings 


Minutes of the General Update Meeting

Held in De Rust on Wednesday - 21 November, 2018  


Attendance:  As per the Attendance Register (Total 22) 

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Introduction: There was a brief introduction explaining the purpose of the meeting which was to brief the De Rust Community on the relevant “Heritage” legislation and how this affects all communities. At this stage Pieter Schoeman introduced Hazel Jonker, the Chair of Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis (HOE). 


The History and the Critical Role of Heritage in the Community: Hazel Jonker provided an overview of how the role of heritage was increasingly becoming more important, particularly in areas such as Oudtshoorn and De Rust where there was a long history stretching back to the San and the Khoikhoi followed by the settling of farmers in the area in the early to mid-1880’s.  


In the 1990’s legislation was tabled in the National Assembly which then resulted in the National Heritage Resources Act of 1999. This was followed by the formation of provincial heritage bodies including Heritage Western Cape. Following the national elections in 1994 there was a process of consolidation of municipalities across the country. This included the Local Council of De Rust being incorporated into the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality.  Prior to the consolidation in 2008 the De Rust Heritage Conservation Association was formed by concerned residents and registered with Heritage Western Cape as they were determined to protect the unique character of the Village.  


Following the incorporation of De Rust into the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality, the De Rust Heritage Conservation Association were informed by the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality that they were required to amalgamate with Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis. The required amalgamation with Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis worked well at the level of co-operation but due to the relative size of Oudtshoorn compared to that of De Rust, the Municipality often  neglected De Rust, as their main focus of attention was Oudtshoorn.  


During late 2017 following further discussions with Heritage Western Cape it was agreed that the De Rust Heritage Conservation Association could re- registeras a fully independent heritage body. This was followed up with Heritage Western Cape and De Rust Heritage is now once again a fully independent body but with close ties to both Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis as well as the Simon van der Stel Foundation in the Southern Cape.  


However, with both heritage bodies, Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis and the De Rust Heritage Conservation Association having worked particularly well together in the past it was decided to retain their shared role and participation in the Joint Heritage Permit Committee which also has direct representation from the Oudtshoorn Municipality through their Heritage Officer.    


Joint Permit Committee: Johan Smit the current Chair of the Joint Permit Committee then gave an overview of the role of the Joint Permit Committee. This includes the scrutiny all plans for heritage properties over 60 years old prior to submission to both Heritage Western Cape and the Oudtshoorn Municipality.  This is a legal requirement in terms of the National Heritage Act covering all additions and renovations – both interior and exterior. 


De Rust Heritage Survey/Inventory 2019: The Oudtshoorn Municipality have budgeted an amount of R 120 000 to carry out a Heritage Survey in the Greater Oudtshoorn area in the 2018/19 budget period.  Following discussions between Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis and De Rust Heritage it was agreed that with the relarively small budget available De Rust would be used as the “Pilot Study” for the area as the available amount was not sufficient to carry out a similar exercise in Oudtshoorn. This will also lead to the formation of a formal council structure - the Heritage Overlay Zone Advisory Committee (HOZAC) which is an extension and more formal addition of the Joint Permit Committee.     


General Discussion and Conclusions: There was a discussion around the issues covered by the speakers as well as a better understanding that it is essential for De Rust to continue to have a more meaningful input and influence in both De Rust and the Greater Oudtshoorn area. The updated and revitalised role of the De Rust Heritage Conservation Association is essential in order to retain the overall charm and character of the Village and immediate district.  


Finally, there was also input on how the overarching philosophy of “De Rust Heritage” has by necessity to include the wider community in ensuring a sustainable future for all those who live in both De Rust and the district. This is a particular necessity at this time where municipalities across the country are severely constrained in terms of resources, both financial and human, and where 80% of budgets have to be spent by law in disadvantaged areas.  


In order to retain the unique environment found within this special part of the Klein Karoo it is essential that property owners are made fully aware that their investments in their properties need to fully comply with the law. This in turn will lead to capital appreciation over time as well as a safer environment for all.  We all need to grasp the opportunity as well as the challenge. For further details on the De Rust Heritage Conservation Association you can find these on our website    


The meeting closed shortly after 18h30  

De Rust:  23 November, 2018


General Meeting of De Rust Heritage
held at “Beans About Coffee” on Wednesday 21 November, 2018General Meeting of De Rust Heritage held at “Beans About Coffee” on Wednesday 21 November, 2018   Hazel Jonker addresses the meetingHazel Jonker addresses the meeting