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The De Rust Heritage Trust

A New Beginning   

February 2022


The De Rust Heritage Trust website incorporates a number of key features – all of which focus on the Village of De Rust situated just south of Meiringspoort in the Western Cape on the N12 National Highway between George and Beaufort West.  De Rust is part of the Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality some 33 kilometers south on the way to George.  


The original website which contains a wealth of information on De Rust focused in the main on the “heritage” aspects of the Village.  However, this developed over time into a more detailed outline of other key aspects including the issues and opportunities for eco-tourism as well as the need for building a strong view of a strategic and successful future of Village going deep into the 21st Century.


The De Rust Heritage Conservation Association have now decided to compile their own website using their own material.  Based on this decision the De Rust Heritage Trust have decided to retain all the existing unique heritage material acquired over the years from various sources, while at the same time significantly expanding other related areas which reflect on activities of interest in the Village as a whole. 


The Future

The eastern portion of the Klein Karoo where the Village is situated is particularly interesting from a historical perspective, going back to the times of the original San and Khoi residents, well before the settlers and traders arrived from the Western part of the Cape of Good Hope from the 17th Century on. 


Our logo incorporates the bushmen/khoi the original inhabitants of this portion of the Klein Karoo.  At the same time the “Modern South African Bushman” of all races have much to offer in new ways of looking and seeing different opportunities for further development of this vision into the future.  As an essential part of this vision is the understanding that for this country of ours to succeed, all those living in it need an opportunity to grow and prosper, both as individuals and as a country. 


New Monthly Newsletter

We are starting a regular monthly newsletter covering key areas from the Village and District covering general heritage issues, eco-tourism and community issues including the new District Governance Models arising from the recent local government elections in November 2021, possible job creation opportunities in the broader community including Blomnek and other general points of interest. 


The continuation of this vision through the De Rust Heritage Trust is an opportunity to explore unique approaches to the way we go forward as a united and successful community and nation. This expanded website will hopefully provide an opportunity for a broader understanding of both our environment and the people who live here.  


Please send your comments/stories to for possible inclusion in the forthcoming De Rust Heritage Trust Newsletters with selected news articles also being included in the monthly edition of the Prince Albert Friend where we now have a regular page. 


Alan Tonkin

De Rust 

01 February, 2022